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Final Fantasy Exchange: Order Up!

September Chocobo Races: Free-For-All!
DOINK! Chocobo Races 2014
September Theme: Free-For-All!

Welcome to the 2014 Chocobo Races! Last year in the battle of the Espers/Eidolons/Aeons/GFs/Summons… we could go on… Team Shiva iced the competition! With a clean slate and only two teams fighting for the championship title this year, it’s truly anyone’s game! Will Team Cactuar blind us all with 1000 Fics? Will Team Tonberry step out of the shadows wielding a fine-tipped paintbrush? Only time (and your own enthusiasm!) will tell!

Let the races begin!

Administrative Bits
  • If you haven't yet chosen your team, make sure you sign up here if you want your work to count for points!
  • Confused? Need a refresher on the rules? Wondering how to post? Get more information about the Chocobo Races here.
  • You can browse the Chocobo Down list at any time!

How will the scoring go?
  • Any work posted this month will receive 10 points. Please be sure to follow our minimum quality guidelines outlined in the introduction to Chocobo Races - fics should be at least 500 words, and please use your best judgement for art and other types of media by putting in as much effort as you would for a ~500 word fic, if that makes sense :)
  • Don’t forget we also now award bonus points for works that go above and beyond the call of duty!
    • +5 points for every 5000 words of a single fic
    • +5 points for extensive coloring or shading in a picture
    • +5 points for complexity within a single picture; i.e. backgrounds or multiple characters
    • +5 points for multi-paneled comics
  • Remember that you have to be signed up for a team before you post your work in order to get points!

What prompts are eligible for this month?

Some reminders for this round:
  • Please include the prompt you are filling somewhere when you post your work!

If you have a great idea that you’d love to see filled, that isn’t covered by anything already in the Chocobo Down Database, you are welcome to post your prompts in the comments of this post! Team players will earn points on any works they create to fill these new prompts, too.

To leave a prompt:
  • Please put the canon and character(s) in the subject of the comment. FFVI: Edgar & Sabin, or FFVII (OGC): Cid, or FFVIII: Rinoa/Quistis are examples.
  • Leave the details of your prompt in the comment. "Anything goes" usually isn't as helpful as you'd think — even if it's true! — so please try to add some optional details or ideas for people who might want a pointer. Since this is Free-For-All month, it's a chance to get adventurous, so let your imaginations fly!
  • You can leave as many prompts as you wish, although we would ask you to stick to 5 prompts to keep things manageable. If you do also fill a prompt or two this month, however, we invite you to come back and leave even more prompts of your own!

Ready, Set, Go! The September Chocobo Races are open!

2014 Chocobo Races - Team Registration!
We're happy to announce that the 2014 round of Chocobo Races is open for team registration!

Not sure what Chocobo Races is? You can look here for an in-depth explanation. In a kupo-nutshell: Sign up for a team; fill prompts and get points for your team; repeat monthly with special bonus themes for extra points; the highest-scoring team next March wins the round!

We're going old-school this year and switching back to our two-team setup:

At the bottom of our Dreamwidth entry are two comments - one for each team. To officially sign up for the Chocobo Races, reply to the comment on Dreamwidth for the team you want to join. It's okay if you don't have a Dreamwidth! You can comment using your Livejournal, using an OpenID, or simply use an anonymous comment to leave us your information. It's just a lot easier for the mod team to only have to look in one place to get our current team rosters.

When you comment to sign up, please leave the following info in your comment so that we can recognize your work and give it points!

A couple other notes on Chocobo Races sign-ups:

  • Feel free to sign up for whatever team you want to be on! They're both open and you don't have to 'know' a mod to join!

  • That being said, please try your best to make sure teams are evenly distributed. We'd hate to have 1000 Needles Cactuars and only a handful of Tonberries, however formidable that handful may be.

  • Signing up doesn't commit you to anything, so if you're on the fence but interested, sign up anyway!

  • You can sign up at any point during the round! Just remember, we won't be able to count your work for points unless your sign-up is dated before your posted work. This is why, if you think there's any chance you'll want to participate later, it's a good idea to sign up now.

Get ready – the 2014 Chocobo Races are about to begin…!



Feel free to use the banners above to spread the word and enlist others for your team!

For those of you who are really excited, we've technically already spoiled the first round’s theme - during the month of September, you’ll earn bonus points for filling any prompts in our database. Start looking through and collecting ideas: we'll officially open the round in a few days!

2014 Chocobo Races - Intro Post!
The 2014 Chocobo Races are about to begin! Whether you’re a new player or a veteran of the Races, please read on as some of the details have changed.

Every year, after DOINK! Final Fantasy Exchange, we release the master list of all the unfilled prompts we've collected over the years – also known as our Chocobo Down list. It also includes prompts from our beta volunteers (marked by a beta summon sprite), whose prompts are included in our database as a thanks for the time they donate to the exchange. Since participants submit 4 prompts and usually only get 1 gift – and DOINK! has 7 years under its belt – this is quite a list!

We like to use this list in the exchange off-season to encourage more fun fanworks. Here's what we do with our Chocobo Down database:
  • Anyone is welcome to fill any Chocobo Down prompt at any time. You don't have to be a past or present round participant; you don't have to be a Chocobo Racer; you don't even have to gift it to the person whose prompt it is if you don't want to. Simply fill the prompt and add it to our AO3 Collection for Chocobo Down.

  • If you've incurred a Doink penalty – defaulted after the no-penalty date, for example – you pay that penalty in pieces of Chocobo Down. The number of pieces you owe will have been communicated to you by the mod team (and if you're confused, please ask!). You'll need to fill your Chocobo Down Penalty before the start of the 2015 exchange, or you won't be able to play.

  • Chocobo Races is a team-based, points-based friendly competition – participants sign up for a team, and then fill prompts every month to win points. Some months have themes ("small fandoms", or "ladies!"), and filling prompts that fit the theme gives your team bonus points. Anyone is welcome to join the Races – you don't have to be an exchange participant to play, and you're welcome to play even if you owe us a Chocobo Down penalty. (Especially if you owe us a penalty – you can fill your requirement and get points!)

Last year we added 44 new works during the 2013 Chocobo Races and had an amazing turnout for the Kiss Battle. That's the target to beat this year!

Onto the detailsCollapse )

If you have any questions, please comment and we'll try to answer them as soon as possible! :D The sign up post will be available shortly!

Chocobo Races 2014: Starting soon!

That's right, the Chocobo Races are coming back, and better than ever! Watch this space for very important announcements, including schedules and how to sign up. New teams, new themes, and so much more.

Happy Racing time!

DOINK! 2014 Exit Poll!

A Multimedia Gift Exchange for All Final Fantasy Fandoms

Rules | FAQ | Schedule

After every round, we like to hear from our participants - how did we do? Did you have fun, did you enjoy your assignment, did you like your gift? We consider all the feedback we get and work through the off-season on the overarching question: how can we tweak our process next year to make things even more awesome?

We'd appreciate it if you took a couple minutes to tell us how you felt about DOINK! 2014. The poll is completely anonymous and confidential, so please be honest. However, remember also to be kind — we won't listen to feedback paired with anonymous abuse. The poll will be open for three weeks — we'll give you a reminder before we close it. Thanks!

Take the DOINK! 2014 Exit Poll

Thanks so much for an awesome round. We'll see you soon with information on the 2014 round of Chocobo Racing. Until then, check out all the amazing work in our DOINK! 2014 AO3 Collection.

Reminder: Thank your gifter!

A Multimedia Gift Exchange for All Final Fantasy Fandoms

Rules | FAQ | Schedule

Hello, everyone! We hope you enjoyed the 2014 round of DOINK! Final Fantasy Exchange. Dear all rogue chocobos: please remember to thank your gifter with a comment. We are a very small exchange, and so everyone's dedication to recognizing effort and contributions is important to retaining creators who will participate in the future and keep DOINK! going strong for years to come.

Creators have been revealed! + wrapping up the round

A Multimedia Gift Exchange for All Final Fantasy Fandoms

Rules | FAQ | Schedule

48 hours are up, and creators are unveiled! Creators, you are now free to post about your work, crosspost to Tumblr (see our post on how to get your work featured with us!), respond to comments, and celebrate! \o/ Recipients, please remember to thank your gifter ASAP!

DOINK! 2014 is almost a wrap. Coming up soon will be our exit poll, so stay tuned for details!. We encourage everyone to respond to the poll so we can continue assessing changes and making improvements. :)

DOINK! King Tonberry Has Been Successfully Summoned!

A Multimedia Gift Exchange for All Final Fantasy Fandoms

Rules | FAQ | Schedule

Welcome to the reveal, everyone! We made it! *\o/* Congratulations to our fan creators, artists and writers and betas and pinch hitters and everyone that promoted DOINK! this round, and made it a success. Gift notifications should be going out now.

​Please remember to leave feedback, especially for the person who created your main exchange gift! AO3 also boasts kudos, which you can also choose to leave as well (but please, comment on your specific gift!). If you signed up for the exchange, you received something, even if you had to default, so please take the time to go by and say hello and thank your gifter. ♥

DOINK! 2014 Collection | DOINK! Moogle Fluff 2014 (For Now) Collection

Remember that all creators are still anonymous, and will be revealed in 48 hours, on Saturday, May 26, 2014 at 23:00 UTC. Creators, while your work is anonymous, comments you post will also be listed anonymously, so you can reply to comments. But otherwise, mum's the word — please don't post about your work (including posting it to Tumblr) for just a little bit longer.

Have fun!


A Multimedia Gift Exchange for All Final Fantasy Fandoms

Rules | FAQ | Schedule

The final pinch hit upload deadline is approaching soon: pinch hitters working on the Thursday, May 22, 2014 at 11:00 UTC deadline, please remember to click the link for the time in your area and get 'em in while you can! Pinch-hit list, stay alert! We may need your super fast creation services. :)

All collections will be revealed around Thursday, May 22, 2014 at 23:00 UTC.

Operation: Moogle Fluff!

A Multimedia Gift Exchange for All Final Fantasy Fandoms

Rules | FAQ | Schedule

It's Moogle Fluff time once more!

Moogle Fluff are small, quick gifts that anyone can make, and is our way of:
  • giving a little extra to the folks whose prompts went out over the pinch hit list (whose gifter didn't have the same amount of time to create something as other gifters did);
  • rewarding betas who worked to help make gifts awesome; and
  • inviting anyone at all to create for the exchange and contribute awesome Final Fantasy works to the ever-expanding fannish canon!
Yes, even if you weren't involved as a participant, a beta, or a pinch hitter, you can create fanwork for this period!

Moogle Fluff can be any word count, a simple sketch, tidbits of things, a drabble! Just like for the regular collection, our offer of file hosting still stands with our image upload form. We're spending a lot of time in our inbox, so don't be afraid to poke us for whatever you need! We'll be happy to upload for you if you're having trouble; just email us your image/file at ff.exchange@gmail.com.

Last year, we began putting Moogle Fluff in our Chocobo Down 2014 collection, which will also be the collection for the Chocobo Races later this year. If you're posting from the regular Post New page, don't forget to put chocobodown2014 in the Collections/Challenges area under Associations so it will be hidden and include the name of the recipient (if you choose to use one).

The following prompts are available for Moogle Fluff:

1) Any prompt sent out over the pinch hit list: if the prompts went out over the list, they are fair game for Moogle Fluff. All the list archives are available to list members, so you can join the mailing list to see them as well as the recipient they belong to.

2) Beta prompts! If a beta provided prompts as part of offering their services through our official beta volunteer system, and were requested at least once, their prompts are available for Moogle Fluff! This year, we had several beta summons, but only one of those betas submitted prompts. Many thanks to all our betas! Here are this year's beta prompts:
AO3 Username: FireEye

Prompt 1:
FFV. Faris & Butz are my favorite dynamic (platonic or romantic) duo in the game, so any hijinks involving their lovable tomfoolery would be most welcome.

Prompt 2:
FFVI. Terra & Celes. I view them as deeply intertwined counterparts, and enjoy any and all interaction I can get. (Bonus! I ship it! Triples! Just add Locke for an instant OT3!)
All betas who didn't get any work but submitted prompts, don't worry! Your prompts will be available on the Chocobo Down lists post round. :)

3) Any past unfilled prompt used in the exchange: during the Moogle Fluff period, our Chocobo Down prompts from previous rounds are offered up as potential Moogle Fluff prompts. If you see a prompt you like, grab it and write a short piece or a make quick sketch and upload it to the chocobodown2014 collection. Although AO3 names are attached, we do not require you use them, as these prompts are from past rounds and some people may not be taking part this year. We leave the choice up to the creator: you can address your gift to the owner of the prompt if you're comfortable doing so, but if you're not, no recipient is required to post to the Moogle Fluff collection.

Moogle Fluff posting will be open for work until Thursday, May 22, 2014 at 22:55 UTC.

Both the 2014 collection and the Moogle Fluff works, posted in the Chocobo Down 2014 collection, will be revealed at the same time. :)

Remember that this year we're doing a two-step reveal, so although works will be revealed, creators will still be anonymous. Creators will be revealed 48 hours after the collections are opened; we'll post here when it happens!