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Final Fantasy Exchange: Order Up!

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ffexchange_mod wrote in ff_exchange
That's right -- this round will be officially closing tonight, and the reveal will be tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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w00t! I can't wait.

One question: is there any reason we can't continue to edit finished stories? All of mine are beta'ed, proofread, and posted, but I'm an OCD typo-corrector, and if there's any way that it'd break things for me to fix typos, I'll hold off. :)

I don't believe it breaks it, people just might catch you during editing. ;)

I seriously cannot say how excited I am for this. Some of those prompts were amazing, and I can't wait to see which ones were picked and which ones weren't.

I have another chapter to add to mine...hope my recipient is okay with that...*bites nails*

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