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Final Fantasy Exchange: Order Up!

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[Doink! 2010] Moogle Fluff Time!
ffexchange_mod wrote in ff_exchange
Doink! Final Fantasy Exchange banner

Doink! Final Fantasy Exchange
Moogle Fluff 2010

All pinch hits have been claimed, so it is that time again: Moogle Fluff! \o/

To check out the Fluff prompts, please browse over to The Official 2010 Moogle Fluff lists. We would like to bring your attention toward Beta Fluff especially, the prompts submitted by our awesome betas who took time out of their own exchange schedules to help other participants polish their gifts. They were awesome, so keep an eye out for the beta fairy! Thanks, betas!

Remember: Moogle Fluff is open to quick gifts like drabbles and fast sketches. It is not hindered by regular exchange quality guidelines. Any prompt you received is available for Moogle Fluff, too (pinch hit list, surely you know what this means)! If you only had time for one prompt, but you were thinking that you'd love to whip up a sketch or a ficlet for one of the others? Now you can! Also, Moogle Fluff is open to everyone, whether an exchange participant or not. If you have an AO3 account, you can submit Moogle Fluff. If you don't, ask us for one!

Please post Moogle Fluff to mooglefluff2010
To post Moogle Fluff for this round, be sure to post to the collection mooglefluff2010. You can follow the general exchange posting tutorial, but please remember to change the collection name to mooglefluff2010 so we can keep track of everyone! We don't want to get Moogle Fluff mixed up with regular gifts; they are not the same thing. :) Gifts written by pinch hitters and exchange participants still go in ff_exchange2010.

Things to remember:
  • When posting to either collection, don't forget the recipient's name! :D

  • If you need hosting for any non-textual gifts, feel free to take advantage of our file hosting!

Have fun! :D

moogle with paintbrush

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Hee, somebody requested a plot I plan to use for Megaflare. Now there's a funny coincidence.

I have another question! If we want to write for mooglefuff, when is the last day we're allowed to post stories to this?

Posting for everything with regards to this round closes tonight!

If you don't manage to get your MF in on time, Chocobo Down (an all-prompt free-for-all) will be opening a few days after the reveal, so keep that in mind. :)

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