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Final Fantasy Exchange: Order Up!

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[DOINK! 2010] Pinch Hitters, Ahoy!
ffexchange_mod wrote in ff_exchange
Doink! Final Fantasy Exchange banner

Doink! Final Fantasy Exchange
Calling All Pinch Hitters!

It's that time! Pinch hit requests will be going out this afternoon.

Currently we have fifty pinch hitters, but more is always welcome! Done with your gift and looking for more action? Feel free to come sign up! If you didn't sign up to pinch hit on your exchange form, or during the round as an non-exchange pinch hitter, we welcome you to the fold. You can sign up to pinch hit right here. Note: as always, there is no obligation for signing up at all until you receive a pinch hit request and write back to us claiming it.

Some pinch hits have already gone out; if you know you signed up, but haven't received any, please e-mail us and we'll make sure you get them. Additionally, adding ff.exchange@gmail.com to your allowed list if you are on the pinch list or are planning to sign up will help ensure you get all our e-mails. :)

Thanks, everyone!

tonberry with knife and paintcan

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Will Moogle Fluff be coming up soon? :D

We are working on it as we speak! With luck, it will go up tonight and be available for work until the reveal. :D

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