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Final Fantasy Exchange: Order Up!

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[DOINK! 2010] We're halfway there!
ffexchange_mod wrote in ff_exchange
Doink! Final Fantasy Exchange banner

Doink! Final Fantasy Exchange
Reminder Post #2!

Greetings, everyone! We're about halfway through production time. We hope everyone is having fun with their prompts looking forward to reveal time. We definitely are! Now for some notes:

  • Pinch hitter signups are stil open! Pinch hitters really help us out, and we can't praise them enough. If your prompts look so awesome that you'll be done early, and you think you'd be available, think about signing up! If you're not a participant and want to be available, but need an AO3 account, just e-mail us at ff.exchange@gmail.com.

  • If you need beta help, please see How to Summon a Doink! beta.

  • To default this round with no Chocobo Down penalty, you must communicate with the mods by May 8th, 2010, at 11:55pm (please follow the links for exact times in your location). This means that if you default before this time, you can participate in the future without having to fulfill a Chocobo Down requirement between rounds.

    If you are struggling with your work, please let us know as soon as possible! We are here to help you!

    If you default after this date, full Chocobo Down penalities still apply for participation in future rounds.

That's all for now. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us or leave a comment. Happy fanworking, and good luck!

cactuars with paint buckets

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Ha, and I was just having my "the story's only half written!" panic. Guess I do have enough time to finish it as-planned.

Your friendly neighborhood mods are also full of finishing-panic, so you're definitely not alone. ;)

We can do it! \o/

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