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[Final Fantasy Exchange] Chocobo Down for Round 2 is OPEN!

Final Fantasy Exchange
Round 2: Chocobo Down!

Posting for Chocobo Down is now open!

Thanks again to everyone in this community who shared their awesome work. Now it's time for Chocobo Down, which we're sure a lot of people have been waiting for!

Since everyone makes three requests but most people only make one gift, that mans we generally have tons of unfilled requests at the end of the round. And now that the round is finally over, we're publishing these requests (stripped of all other information) and open them up to anyone who wants to take a stab.

Remember, Chocobo Down is open to anyone, whether they've ever signed up or even heard of FFEX or not! So if all you want is a bit of inspiration, stop on by! Chocobo Down is also the way to work off any penalties you earned, so and take a look at our list of requests that didn't get filled

Chocobo Down Basics

Chocobo Down are all the requests people made that didn't get filled. Here's how Chocobo Down works.

  • Chocobo Down must meet FFEX quality guidelines. This is in part because CD is how people work off punishments, and we need some standards so that will be fair. The guidelines themselves are super simple:
    Stories: Fics don't have to be a million pages long, but they've gotta be at least 1,000 words. It's okay if you're a hundred words shy or whatever, just make sure you've put effort into some substance!

    Art: Tremendous full-colour masterpieces are not a requirement, but simple sketches, stick figures, etc. don't cut it. If you like to sketch, take a look at your finished product and try to clean it up a little, add some shading, and/or ink/colour it.

  • Chocobo Down must be posted directly to the community. Same as regular exchange gifts! Cross posting is fine, but please do post the story to the community so the person who made the request is more likely to see it!

  • FFEX community posting guidelines still apply. This means one entry per post, no fake cuts, and headers are still required. For the header, you don't have to fill out the "recipient" part, but please do state which prompt(s) you're posting for!

  • All prompts are open to anyone, whether a participant or not. Remember that Chocobo Down prompt from Round 1 are also open!

  • Gifts have to be made for these prompts. Please don't post a previously written story to the community!

  • You can create for any prompt— no asking, no claiming, no signups. Prompts can be claimed multiple times by different people and can be mixed with other prompts — it's totally open!

  • Most important: have lots of fun!

Posting for Chocobo Down will remain open until the sign-ups for the next round of Final Fantasy Exchange open. During Chocobo Down time, posting to the community will be moderated so only stories, art, and other fanwork made for the prompts are posted here.

Chocobo Down Prompt List

Round 1 Chocobo Down Prompt List

Remember that Round 1 CD is still open, and if you're working off penalties, will also count!

Final Fantasy I
  • Light Warriors. Mixed gender, mixed class Light Warriors, with names and personalities! I would prefer something towards the latter half of the game, or at the end, or after, since there are a lot of novelizations that start well and are abandoned after a cursory introduction.

  • Any of the more important NPCs (Arylon, Kope, Jim, Lukahn, Matoya, Bahamut, Darryl, the Fiends, Garland, Sara... literally, whoever), and something to do with their past or their future. Like... Matoya, trading her eyes for power, or Darryl returning to the sea, or anything like that.

Final Fantasy II
  • Leila and Paul. And (optional prompt!) a heist gone wrong. "Wrong" being open to interpretation, whether it ends in death, mere injury, or inappropriate (PG-13!) groping.

Final Fantasy IV: Original Game
  • Kain/Edge, tempers flaring

  • Kain/Golbez and horrible horrible things with mind control. Feel free to take that in any direction you like. *cough*

  • Something dealing with Rydia's life among the Summons/Eidolons, preferably while she's growing up, but post-game is fine, too. Bonus points for some explanation of what exactly happened to her white magic. Extra prompts: not like other children, magic lessons, a change in the sky.

  • Edward/Rydia. Anything from friendship to outright porn is great. Dealing with Rydia's return -- from Edward's perspective, she was a little girl a few months ago -- might be interesting, or diplomatic relations between Damcyan and the Feymarch. If going down the smut route, a dominant Rydia would totally make my day. Original game content preferred.

  • Edge/Rydia. Romantic or explicit relationship, whatever you're comfortable with. I'd either like to see them snarking and baiting each other (perhaps on some manner of wild adventure?) or else something to do with ways in which they fundamentally don't understand each other's viewpoint - Edge's lack of maturity, or Rydia's lacking of some of the finer social graces, would be an interesting focus for that.

  • Queen!Rosa engaged in epic regal duties such as but not limited to: dealing with court intrigue, defending the home front from the forces of evil, out conquering the neighbors, ambassador duties, holding court. The implications of Rosa’s white mage status affecting her position being included would be full of awesomeness and win though not required. If pairings are included I’m partial to Kain as her consort post-Cecil dying or going off on a weird quest or other reasons for there being no adultery.

  • Edge! His past, something introspective, post-game: anything's fine. Interactions with other characters encouraged: I like the Rydia/Edge and Edge/Kain relationships, but I'd be just as happy seeing Edge interact with Cecil and Rosa. Further prompts: memories, ninja traditions, "why are you wearing that?"

Final Fantasy V
  • Faris, wherever she lands post-game, stuck as something other than a pirate.

  • FFV, I would like to know more about Faris and Syldra's pre-game adventures in pirating and best friend forevering

Final Fantasy VI
  • Gau and Sabin brotherly love, Terra should be there too!

  • Locke/Celes/Setzer: ANYTHING! Angst, smut, gen, fluff, all ratings appreciated!

  • Something with Sabin, Gau, and their surrogate-brother relationship. Could be introspective, could be something goofy like Adventures in Table Manners, or them having a wrestling match. Anything goes!

  • Celes and Locke, post-game, finding a place for changed selves in a changed world. Any kind of relationship between them is fine—together romantically, in a rocky relationship, broken up, platonic friends, whatever works! Extra prompts: career changes, rebels without a cause, a different kind of magic.

  • Setzer Gabbianni — Speculation about Setzer's life prior to his appearance in the game sounds like fun...after all, he has to have gotten that reputation from somewhere, right? Intrigue, swashbuckling, hijinks, witty retorts, and romance would be awesome; or, surprise me with something introspective or grim and gritty.

  • Celes — Something elaborating on her past in the Empire: how was she chosen to become a Magitek Knight? How did it change her (skills, personality, outlook)? Exploration of relationships with Leo and/or Kefka would be fantastic (not necessarily romantic/sexual, although that's AWESOME if you dig it - mostly I'd love to see them interact).

  • Setzer/Daryl — fic or art depicting the two airship pilots during younger and happier days. Were they longtime friends-turned lovers? Rivals who decided they'd be better off combining their talents/interest in flight? Perhaps they're meeting for the first time. I don't see much done with these characters, so I'm interested in seeing them given some love!

  • General Leo/Celes. Any type of relationship is fine, although I like them in a relationship. Some things I'd be interested in seeing with them: loyalty/mentorship, unrequited love (alternately, I'd love it if they both feel it but are unwilling to talk about it and thus it goes unresolved), or a focus on uniforms as either kink or symbol of the way their choices have trapped them (or both.)

  • Celes, with Setzer, Leo, or, perhaps, Locke — He tries to teach her what he means when he calls her beautiful, while trying not to break her spell. She may or may not grow to understand. Romance, please, a little angsty or joyfully enlightening, preferably with touching, be it intentionally erotic or just sexually-charged instruction. Additional prompts: Mirrors, laces, scars, Magitek.

  • Terra's my favorite character, so anything you can make exploring her personality would be great. Anything pregame (suggestions: life in the Empire; creepy Kefka; Magitek meta), during the game (scenes with other characters - I love Locke, Celes, Edgar, and Setzer all), or post-game (life without magic; keeping in touch; "still a fighter") would be great. Any other characters welcome. All ratings are great - be as light or dark as you want.

  • Edgar — My favorite thing about Edgar is the way that he balances very disparate elements of his personality: being a king, being an engineer, and being a ladies' man. A story that explored any (or all!) of those facets would be wonderful. I'd be happy with any genre: gen, het or slash, and any rating. I'm particularly fond of Edgar/Terra, Edgar/Locke, and Edgar/Setzer, but I'm not choosy about pairings, so feel free to go beyond that — or write a piece with no pairings at all!

  • Kefka/Celes — I just love these two and I'm down with anything involving them! They can be enemies, friends, lovers; it can be pre-game (growing up in the Empire, Magitek infusion), in-game (what happens when Kefka jails Celes? What happens after Celes teleports him out of the Magitek Research Facility?), post-game (AU where Kefka survives?), alternate universe, any rating. Art or fic or anything at all! I'm sorry this is really open but if you want to go crazy and be super creative here, go for it! <3

  • Locke/Celes — My favorite thing about this pairing is the way the two of them have to struggle more with themselves than with one another to make it work — Locke has to overcome his need to protect Celes (who neither needs or wants protecting), whereas Celes has to overcome her self-image as totally independent and untouched by softer emotions. A story that explored their tentatively learning to communicate past their preconceived notions would be wonderful, whether it was an action-y quest story, a quiet slice-of-life story, or smut, which is always wonderful in my book!

Final Fantasy VII: Original Game
  • Cid/Yuffie

  • (any Compliation canon) Reno — psychological — even those that never frown eventually break down

  • Cloud/Rufus — BELIEVABLE consensual lovey dovey smut; angry!sex a-okay

  • Cid/Shera, Cid showing affection his unique way — in the airship Shera — to Shera. Prefers non-fluff

  • Yuffie/Vincent — Yuffie and Vincent discover they have feelings for each other. Possible one-word prompts: pearls, blood, cape.

  • Tseng/Elena — the mildest of fluff while still being true to their situation. Preferably, the reveal that Tseng cannot hold his alcohol nearly as well as Elena can.

  • (Before Crisis or original canon) Rufus — angry/hurt — The one hand throws the whiskey/and the other throws the gun/As he cries out to the heavens/I am not my father's son

  • (any Compilation canon) Vincent/Cloud — "Take my piece of mind and sign my name across your heart." Prefers non-sex and non-fluff, but their relationship is definitely beyond friends.

  • playing games at the Gold Saucer (any visit during Disc 1). Any group of characters from the main party, excluding Vincent. Give me crack. I want some old school humour. Witty banter is a plus. A mischievous Aerith is also a plus.

  • (original game/Advent Children) Barret goes missing while surveying some land for energy sources at some point after Meteor. Tifa and Cloud go and try to find him, and the three of them fall into something much bigger and more dangerous than they expected.

  • Rufus/Scarlet — just interested in each other romantically/sexually, or in an established relationship, either works. Power struggles, mind games, what have you. Their relationship should be a little twisted, one way or another. — "You’re pretty when you’re mine."

  • Cid/Yuffie, awkwardly-unrequited Yuffie-->Cid or just friendship if you're not a fan of the pairing. Cid cursing is fine, but please don't overdo it to the point of caricature. Extra ideas to get you going: Airsickness, stealing boxers, what DID Cid do during the Wutai War. Max rating: R. Art is highly encouraged.

  • Cid/Yuffie — Cid is not thrilled with Yuffie after the Wutai incident, but she seems to be following him wherever he looks. When he corners her and squeezes the truth out of her, it's not at all what he'd expected, and his own reaction to her confession is not at all what he'd expected, either. (Any rating, happy ending, some passion would be great! xD) Some interference/guidance from Vincent or Red would be awesome, too.

  • (original game/Advent Children canon) only since I'm unfamiliar with the other incarnations. Focus on Tifa in the days between Nibelheim/her father's death and joining AVALANCHE. What I'd love to see is her earliest times in Midgar, the challenges she might have faced alone. I'd like to see a really gritty, tough Midgar - what might have driven her to join a terrorist group? This should not be a sunshine and rainbows story. Any rating is fine (but a focus on plot over any potential smut/sex if it comes up)

  • (original/Advent Children/Dirge of Cerberus canon) Vincent/Yuffie — Vincent has given up on feeling love again. But then there is some scenario where he has to protect Yuffie (something minor, like she`s afraid of the dark, or injured), and he suddenly starts to feel protective over her. It leads to more. I`d them to be stuck in a confined place for a lengthy period of time where this can take place (locked room, snowed in in a cave, an elevator, barricaded within some sort of ruins, etc.). Any rating, happy|hopeful ending. It's fine to draw on Vincent's past with Lucrecia, but not overly emo "he will only love her he cannot betray her" way. Happy or hopeful ending, please.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
  • Cloud/Vincent. Geostigma-related hallucinations preferred, but not necessary.

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
  • Tseng/Rosalind (Female Gun) Pirates AU - NC17 preferred, but others fine

  • Zack/Tseng — "Where did you get that materia?" NC17 preferred, but others fine

  • (Crisis Core or original canon) Tseng/Aerith, romantic, but that can just be a general overtone. Taking hints from the song "Touched" by VAST ("I looked into your eyes and saw/a world that does not exist/I looked into your eyes and saw/a world I wish I was in" ...the whole song is pretty fitting). Actual interaction between them or Tseng being wistful, whatever works.

  • Cloud and Zack friendship fic. Set anytime after they meet, but would really enjoy learning something about Cloud that we haven't had spelled out in canon. Maybe something like his love of motorcycles: write a story that makes it clear he was a fan of them before his identity crisis (or, if you prefer, explain that he hated them). Explain why he cut his hair, or how he feels about its unique styling. Maybe tell me what his favorite (color, food, season, song, movie, etc.) is and why. Undertones of his crush on Tifa would be lovely, but certainly not required (more of a bonus).

Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus
  • pre-game: Yuffie/Shalua, can be full out romantic relationship or just a sort of fluffy puppy crush friendship or something inbetween. Mostly though I'd just like fun friendly interaction between them since they both did work for the WRO together: maybe having lunch together in the WRO cafeteria, going out on WRO...mission surveillance job stuff together, sitting in Shalua's lab and talking gossip about Reeve, catching a late night movie after a long day's work; there's all sorts of situations that could pop up from them both working at the WRO.

Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis
  • Veld/Ifalna: She’s a mischievous sprite and he is a killer with a small imp on his shoulder...wait, that's her daughter. Together they fight eco-friendly terrorists. For additional promotion propose paraphrased from Taken: "I'm a preventer." "What do you prevent?" "Unpleasant things."

Final Fantasy VIII
  • Selphie/Seifer

  • Laguna/Squall — any rating

  • Seifer/Rinoa — chasing ghosts

  • Squall/Rinoa — personal demons

  • My favorite characters are Squall, Zell, Quistis and Edea.

  • Squall/Irvine—max rating NC-17, but I'll be happy with even G-rated gen-fic.

  • Seifer/Zell fluff, prompts: frilly apron, homecoming. Okay to include smut, but not necessary

  • Ellone, Rinoa, and/or Quistis, meta about magic, blue magic, and their connection to each other in the grand scheme

  • Persistence of memory, persistence of pig-tail pulling. (I'm so serious about making sure Zell isn't an idiot. Pretty please.)

  • Zell, Fujin — "ice ice baby!" Post-game; something about them becoming closer due to Seifer's disappearance, for whatever reason.

  • Squall/Seifer, NC-17 preferred prompt: realizing things won't work with Rinoa (don't have to bash her, just acknowledge that they really are too much of opposites)

  • Squall/Rinoa + ?. Rinoa wants to spice up their sex life by inviting someone else, Squall is characteristically flabbergasted (and a little insulted). The mystery person is up to the writer.

  • Seifer/Irvine. Any kind of relationship is shiny. I'm fascinated by what they might both remember about the past, and how it informs the present. Or, you know, there could just be smut and snark. That's awesome too. XD

  • Seifer, Selphie — can be pairing, or not. Something to do with them being alone together (maybe stranded?), working together: building, making, etc. Conflicts between guilt, resentment and forgiveness. Snark & lightness also welcome, if possible.

  • Zell and Rinoa bonding throughout the game. Things that would be shiny but are completely not essential: Bonding sessions over Seifer and/or Squall, being the most normal people in the group (at least growing up), Zell being just like every other SeeD underneath.

  • Quistis/Xu, before Quistis becomes an Instructor and while both are still young, playing Triple Triad pre-game. Xu knows that she's lost her heart; love, perhaps unrequited. Additional prompts: Empty glasses, strategy, same wall, commiseration over an ass-grabbing instructor.

  • Julia/Caraway, or possibly Caraway --> Julia depending on the point in time you choose. Please please please don't turn Caraway into an overbearing villain or have Julia spend all her time pining Laguna. Extra idea: "stars are fickle things". If art, feel free to include bitty Rinoa. Max rating: R.

  • Irvine, Quistis, something involving any of these: brainwashing/sleeper agents/uncovering moles or traitors/keep your friends close and your enemies closer/dangers of undercover work. Romance or friendship, any rating (but any relationship should be consensual). Any other FF8 character is welcome, but focus should be on Irvine and Quistis.

  • Squall/Rinoa (or Squall and Rinoa without any romantic overtones is fine as well), on a train ride to Timber (or any other location of your choice) and realising that there was much they didn't know about each other. Other things that might be of use: memory loss is not an excuse, card games, and why does Squall doesn't just drive a car to these places.

  • Quistis, and the ocean, with her feet in the sand. Happy, calm and still, with or without company (Xu, Seifer, Irvine or, perhaps, Rinoa) in the background. Either alone or being watched, from her perspective or the watcher’s. Additional Prompts: Coral shells, homecoming, wind in her hair, seeing the dawn and/or seeing sunsets (figurative or literal in either case).

  • Irvine and Selphie — Gen or pairing fic fine; preferably post game. How either of the characters comes to terms with their past and their present and how the other fits into their future (so, either character's perspective is fine). Mission fic is always weclome. Irvine who's not a total whore preferred. Extra prompts: secret operation, bank accounts in Esthar with thousands of gil, love isn't always this easy.

  • (post-game) Seifer and Squall — can be a rival relationship, tense romance, whatever works best. A fic about the two on a mission together (or Squall on a mission and somehow ending up with Seifer for some reason, or vise versa, just a mission in there somewhere) would be awesome. Maybe somebody hired SeeD as a bodyguard or to investigate some strange occurrences in Deling, maybe Seifer is working as a mercenary and looking for a missing person--whatever you come up with would be great! Just, whether Squall is still with Rinoa or not, please no bitchy Rinoa or stone around Squall's neck Rinoa, if you mention her at all.

  • Ellone-centric. Time Compression gives Ellone dreams/nightmares, and she sees things that might have been. Any kind of exploration into how things might have been (or might still be)is awesome! AU or not, it's up to you. Exploration of Ellone's powers, her relationships, meta always welcome.

  • Quistis and Rinoa. Anything from conversations to porn is awesome. Interactions, contrasts, a growing friendship despite their differences. Further prompts: vacations, "you need to relax", dreams and nightmares.

Final Fantasy IX
  • Zidane/Dagger — a date at Pinnacle Rocks

  • Freya and Zidane. A daring rescue in Lindblum. Explosions a plus.

  • Freya, introspective about her lost love (that amnesia guy – Sir Fratley)

  • Dagger and Tantalus — something in the vein of "welcome to the family."

  • Beatrix — I think her dilemna (protect Garnet, keep her oaths to Brahme) is a really interesting one that gets ignored through most of the game.

  • Dagger and Eiko, learning what it is to be a summoner. They're the last of their kind. Any background or cultural details regarding Madain Sari are a plus.

  • Garnet/Zidane and Eiko — Eiko and/or Garnet want to try riding chocobos. Only, Steiner is perhaps being entirely Too Overprotective, and Zidane, well, Zidane likes making Steiner squirm uncomfortably.

  • Beatrix/Steiner, the post-game development of their relationship from awkward, anxious attraction to something mutually satisfying. A happy ending. Additional prompts: Girl talk with Garnet, Roses and Gin, first kiss, archery (literal or figurative).

  • Baku and his troupe of players getting into some thoroughly Shakespearian trouble, ala A Midsummer Night's Dream. Points for references to the play itself, or a play that's like it in FFIX-verse. Additional points for use of in-game creatures and critters.

  • Beatrix/Garnet— If Beatrix was in love with Garnet(sorry, Steiner), what would she be thinking as she kneels to swear her oath of allegiance to her new queen? (Fond flashbacks? Something that makes her blush?) (It doesn’t have to be that moment in time; it’s more of a theme than a setting.)

  • Beatrix/Steiner — Honestly, I'd just love to see anything about how the relationship between these two develops, whether it's as a pairing or just as friends. Steiner being sort of awkwardly chivalrous would be awesome, as would moonlit not-dates by the waterside. Rehearsing lines from a play? Copying each other's fighting styles? Making innuendoes about swords? Just some ideas. Any rating!

Final Fantasy X/X-2
  • (X) Auron & Kinoc genfic.

  • (X) Auron & Lulu (non-porn angsty)

  • (X-2) (perfect ending) Tidus/Gippal — What does Tidus do with himself in a new Spira?

  • (X) Jecht, Tidus, Auron. Directly post-game. "What are you doing here? You were supposed to be the hero!"

  • (X-2 Baralai and politics. "In another universe, that could have been me." This could be backstory (before the Crimson Squad or between the games), or post-canon.

  • (X) Auron/Braska or Jecht/Auron, either pre or post game, NC-17 preferred prompts: (pre-game)first time, drinking, dominance (post-game)reunion, waited too long, persuasion

  • (X) How did Rin get started in the Travel Agency business? Possible prompts: naked ambition, uncharted waters, an unexpected partnership. This topic would seem to lend itself to gen, but if you can work a romance in there, more power to you. :)

  • (X-2) Gippal/Rikku romantic relationship fic. Would at least like kissing and hugging, but if you want to go further, that's fine too! Gippal as the teasing, more dominant partner would be lovely. Maybe something involving unusual Al-bhed mating practices or customs.

  • (X-2) Baralai/Gippal (as friends or romantically, I don't mind!) post-game and trying to put the world back together. Things that would be shiny but are completely not essential: machina, politics, secret romances being awkward, enjoying life even when it's difficult.

  • (X-2) (after good/perfect ending): Yuna/Tidus. They've got their happy ending, and it might be boring to outsiders, but they've earned it. A simple day in Besaid, with Yuna and Tidus interacting, getting to re-know each other, and maybe admiring certain ah, wardrobe changes.

  • (X or X-2) Auron and Rikku, romance is preferred - physical intimacy of any sort is awesome. It's hard loving the dead, but not impossible. Can be post-Auron's sending, with Rikku mourning, or some time in the pilgrimage. Prompt suggestions: the Al Bhed do things differently, trying not to cry, the Farplane.

  • (X-2) Yuna, post-game, after whichever ending you want to choose. A glimpse of how Yuna's connection to/relationship with Tidus changes (it doesn't matter if Tidus isn't in the fic) after all that has happened, and how she and the others around her handle this. Extra prompts: empty stretches of sand, blitzball, friends and family.

  • (X) Jecht and Auron, romance is preferred - physical intimacy of any sort is awesome - but gen is fine, too. Bring on the funny! Jecht's part of the team now, and that means Auron has to deal with all of Jecht's quirks. Setting can be anywhere; I'm interested in reading about their relationship. Prompt suggestions: the long-suffering Auron, making a campfire, rain.

  • (X) Young Lulu learns to be a mage. It would be awesome if you could walk her through acquiring at least one of the elemental spells, and super bonus points for Chappu and Wakka, and even little Yuna showing up and turning out to be an even more powerful mage than Lulu (check the game stats she is seriously sick). Obviously I just want stuff with the kids in Besaid and magic and shenanigans, but it would be awesome to have it center on Lulu!

  • (X) Jecht/Auron. In between the time they forge a tentative peace for Braska's sake, and the time their journey ends (and Auron pledges to look after Tidus), what happens? I'd like to see the tipping point in their relationship between grudging respect and actual friendship/something more. Maybe the catalyst is Jecht doing something stupid and brave? An alcohol-fueled sharing session around the campfire? Hot springs?? First-time smut would be adored, but UST is also awesome; whatever you're comfortable with!

  • (X or X-2) Yuna/Brother, romance preferred but not required as long as Brother is portrayed sympathetically. If you could somehow work in her digging The Machine Faction on Bikanel Island it would be nice; I have this crazy love for the mental pictures I get of her working hard out in the desert. Maybe Brother trying to teach her a little more about the Al Bhed side of her heritage by dragging her off from a dig site to see parts of the ruins of Home, or explaining the uses of the various parts she digs up? Please, if you're writing fic don't go from the good or perfect ending.

Final Fantasy XII: Original Game
  • Penelo/Larsa

  • Balthier/Fran/Penelo

  • Vossler/Basch. Pre-game pre-slash.

  • concerning how Fran is everyone's mom

  • Fran and Balthier, being skypirates =)

  • (original or Revenant Wings) Penelo/Fran, comfort

  • Ashe/Rasler, their last night together. Max rating, R.

  • Ashe/Larsa, finding common ground in an unwanted marriage.

  • Something with the Judges being badass, even on their days off.

  • Something with Balthier or Basch on it. I like Balthier the most, tho!

  • Noah, pre-game. "I don't want to be a soldier", plans that tumble down, how he gets from conquered dog to Solidor hound.

  • Balthier/Ashe, post-game and Ashe escapes her castle again and somehow runs into/meets up with Balthier. Humor preferred.

  • Basch on a trip to Rozarria, either pre- or post-game events. He's given to sensuality, especially in comparison to whomever his traveling companion may be.

  • Balthier/Ashe, romantically involved, PG-13 or higher, post-game. Explore how Ashe deals with Dalmasca and a growing relationship with the outlaw/thief Balthier.

  • any of the Judge Magisters. How they got to their positions, moments of intrigue, relations(hips) with each other, how they perceive the in-game events, whatever.

  • Zecht establishing himself as Reddas in Balfonheim, and the ways he reforms the city. How does he keep himself from being recognized? How does he come to power and maintain it?

  • (pre or post game) Fran/Balthier: dungeons, blindness, darkness, dependence vs. independence. You can make their relationship romantic and/or a profoundly close friendship, either is fine.

  • Balthier/Fran — a shared path — Come with me and with violence/We'll discover what will make us free/Accelerate, we'll try to stand/Where no ones dares to be Romantic/sexual or not, up to you.

  • Gabranth/Basch. Prison sex (explicit is nice, but the story is more important than the porn) and psychological drama. Gabranth's domination, rage, frustration. Consensual or not, either is fine; blood is ok. "trapped in cages of our own making"

  • Larsa and Basch picking up the pieces after returning to Archades. Perhaps an element of Basch as impostor. Mood is up to you: sweet or solemn or even sexy; some wry humor would be in character. "It is not given to us to choose our burdens, but only how we bear them."

  • (original postgame) Fran/Balthier/Vaan: fireworks, pirates. Love-triangle (with Balthier being on the receiving end of the affections), romantic threesome, or just partners. I want to see how they'd get along if Vaan went pirating with them; you can mix Penelo in if you want.

  • (postgame) Basch/Balthier, where Basch is in Archades, and Balthier is still plying the skies with Fran. (I would be happy with friendship, romance and/or sex, though I would prefer that B&B genuinely care about each other, whether they’re good at actually showing that or not.) Someone tells an obvious lie: does the other call them on it, or pretend that they believe it?

  • Balthier/Al-Cid. I'd love it if you could start with the not in an established relationship and get them together. Somehow! Pretty please at least a small makeouts (beyond that it's up to you!). Super bonus points for developing Rozzaria at all. Possibilities: gentlemen carry handkerchiefs, Fran knowing perfectly well What Is Up, conspiratory shenanigans with Al-Cid's maids, pirates make for excellent underground diplomatic channels.

  • Balthier and Vaan (and supporting characters like Fran and Penelo are cool!), preferably post game. It can be gen or pairing fic, whichever will work. Possible adventures showing how Vaan grows into being a sky pirate with or without Balthier's help. Fleshing out the backstory of either character (or both!) always loved! Some extra prompts if that doesn't ping anything: the politics of stealing hearts, shifting alliances, "I found it FIRST!".

  • Balthier and Vaan, either as a pairing or just friends are both fine. I've always wanted to see something about how Balthier, as an Archadian, reacts to the way a lower-class Dalmascan kid like Vaan manages to earn a sandalwood chop and access to the high-class section of Archades in just one afternoon, something which seems to be a *major* feat in-game from the way people talk about chops (although I'm sure it helps that he was just visiting and not trying to live there).

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings
  • SPOILERS Mydia or Velis/Mydia, Explore their relationship before Mydia becoming the Judge of Wings.

  • Filo, who as we know has a crush on Llyud, pursuing him romantically during the earlier part of the game. She tries to get help from Kytes and/or Penelo, but repeatedly fails miserably to get Llyud's attention in an adorable romantic comedy manner. Whether she ultimately succeeds or not is up to you.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
  • Post-game, in Ivalice, when Ritz and Shara and Babus and Ezel are part of the clan. A misunderstanding causes Clan Nutsy to go on a ridiculous quest. Must be comedic. Background Marche/Ritz fluff, whether of the "together" or "should be together" kind, would be swell but optional.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance II
  • Luso and Hurdy (or any of the other party members), something silly and moogle-related.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
  • Sephiroth x Firion; would like a non-con if it doesn't squick you, based around the part where Seph 'deflowers' Firion (well, he steals his rose but using the play on words would be excellent).

  • Terra/Cloud; something sweet or even fluff, a first kiss or realizing they are falling in love.

Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within
  • Ryan, Jane, Neil: any of them, all of them, paired up, single, chillin', on a mission, pre-movie, post-movie, alive, dead, whatever. Deep Eyes are awesome.

Final Fantasy: Crossovers and Fusions
  • FFT and FFXII: Something that plays on the connection between the Ivalice stories. Bonus points for hunting through the bestiary and the compendium for little details about the history that these two games have shared. (Vagrant Story too, if you have it!)

  • FFVI and FFIX: Zidane VS. Locke: The Final Countdown! Some kind of competition to see who's the best thief-- I mean, treasure-hunter. Moogle announcers optional!

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