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[art] "Pub Night" for Roughhandss
Dirk Anger wants you for H.A.T.E.!
sonopants wrote in ff_exchange
Title: Pub Night
For: Roughhandss
Medium: Art
Request(s): "Anything from IX. Zidane, mm. Freya, mm. Blank!!!mm. Steiner/Beatrix is hot too."
Fandom(s): FFIX
Characters/Pairings: Zidane, Freya, Blank, Steiner, Beatrix
Rating/Warnings: G
Feedback: No concrit, please
Spoilers: Extremely minor ones, maybe?
Notes: This was ridiculously fun to do, and apart from learning a few new watercolouring tricks, this picture made me realize how little clothing Blank is actually wearing.

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The watercolours worked out FABULOUSLY for the atmosphere, and you've manged the neat trick of really vibrant watercolours, rather than washed out and subdued and that just work so well for FFIX.

Steiner and Beatrix in the background! Are awesome! Everyone's expressions are total win; Zidane having his ass handed to him in poker is priceless and basically: YES


Woo! Thank you! :D I punched up the colours a bit in Photoshop, to make the guys in the foreground stand out a bit more. And Freya's always been my favourite character, I couldn't resist having her and Blank win!

This is so awesome! The expression are perfect.

Hee, thanks! :D I love drawing expressions.

This is absolutely GORGEOUS! Just...WOW. Really nicely done, both with the execution (the colors and idea just work so well), and the style and expressions. Beautiful work.

Thank you! :D I figured an old-fashioned pubcrawl was the best way to get everyone together in one setting.

Ooh, this is lovely! Your style and technique are gorgeous, and I love everyone's expressions. Excellent work here! <3

ETA: Haa, I totally did not just copy the person above me's comments XDD Guess we all are thinking the same things!

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i love the style and i love how hopeless Steiner seems to be since Beatrix is sucking only her milkshake. poor steiner 8<<<

also ah blank <3___<3 i don't understand why there's no fanart of him. or if there is, only a little. i was so sad when he 'died'.

Yay, thankyou! :DDDD I'm glad you like it!
Poor, poor Steiner. I like to think that there's this horrible awkward silence at their table, and the only noise is Beatrix slurping away at her milkshake. (And seriously, Blank kicks booty. I didn't realize til now that he's basically only wearing booty shorts and a couple of leather belts.)

(Deleted comment)
Oh, so very pretty! Thanks for sharing, I love it when underrated characters get some time in the limelight. Oh, and I just adore that expression on Freya's face in particular--that smug little smile. But all the expressions are top-notch, really.

Freya's my favourite character, something tells me she's in second place right now, and is going to whoop the boys' collective asses before the game's done!

Even better, a little story to go along with it. Go, Freya, go!

I like Freya, too. She should totally win...the boys could do with some collective ego-bruising anyhow. ;)

Love how you added B/S in there! Great! Zidane's expression is awesome!

This picture is super awesome and I know everyone has already said this but I seriously love the expressions on their faces :D I love how they all show personality and you do such a great job with the composition and coloring and stuff :D

Maybe Blank can cover up with Zidane's shirt...vest...thing, since it looks like Zidane's in danger of losing it. :D

This pic is just awesome in so many ways. I love the colors and atmosphere, Freya being awesome, and Beatrix and Steiner being cute and awkward in the background.

brb, gonna go fave everything on your DA account

Recced this for sheer awesome! =D

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