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[Final Fantasy Exchange] Round 2 Posting is OPEN!

Final Fantasy Exchange
Round 2: Posting Week Has Begun!
It's Showtime at FFEX!

From RIGHT NOW until Sunday, August 16, ff_exchange will be open for member posting. We hope to be flooded with wonderful, beautiful fanworks and lots of good happy feelings! But first, please take a look at our header policy, general posting guidelines, and our special guidelines for posting art and other media that are hosted off-site— all under the cut below!

I. General Posting Guidelines

  • All gifts must be posted directly into the community. We do not allow fake-cuts! We need you to post your gift, in its entirety, into ff_exchange directly. This is so that your giftee will always be able to find their gift right here, and also makes archiving much easier for us.

    • You're free to cross-post wherever, as long as you post to ff_exchange first!

    • Since all works need to be posted and hosted here in their entirety, artwork and other externally-hosted media have some special caveats— we've provided a space for you to host your art if you need it, and also have a few notes on art posting, so read on for the details!

  • One gift per post. Again, this is for memories and archiving.

    • For multi-chapter fic or longfic that necessitates multiple posts, make sure each post is clearly marked as part of a whole. For example, you can say something like "Fanfic Title (Part 1 of 3)".

    • If you made multiple gifts for multiple prompts, or multiple gifts for a single prompt, these must be posted separately. However, if you feel your situation warrants an exception to this rule (especially if you made multiple gifts for one prompt), just ask us! We've already had one person ask and be granted an exception, so we're not totally inflexible here =)

  • All gifts must have headers and be behind an lj-cut. Our header policy is explained just below!

Any gifts that do not follow these rules will be bombarded with comments from the mods asking you to change your post. If your post does not meet these requirements, we will not include you in our Memories and Archives - it'll be like your gift never happened! So please, please, follow these simple guidelines.

II. Header Policy and Header Form

In a nutshell: we follow the ff_press header policy here.

Our suggested header format is shown below. Anything with an asterisk is required in FFEX. Posts that do not meet the header requirement will be bombarded with comments from your mods asking you to edit. Your post can't be archived unless we have the required information, and it also won't be picked up by ff_press without the headers - so really, it's in your best interest.

If you don't want your gift to be listed in ff_press, just put in a little note to that effect— but you still have to use the header.

For*: The LJ username of your recipient (and their name if you wish!)
Medium*: Fic / Art / Earwax?
Request(s)*: The prompt(s) your gift fills
Fandom(s)*: THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT: You must specify a canon for multi-canon fandoms. For example, you cannot just put "FFVII" here, even if your fic is set in the original game only, or in no specific part of canon. Put "FFVII:OGC". Or, if it's not set in any specific canon, put down the name of the most recent game from which you use canon, e.g. "FFVII:CC". Please conform to ff_press header policy guidelines for canons
Characters/Pairings*: Again, please conform to ff_press header guidelines for listing characters/pairings
Rating/Warnings*: MPAA (PG-13, R, etc.) or fictionratings (T, M, etc.) ratings, please
Feedback: "Concrit welcome" or "No concrit, please", etc. - an indicator of whether or not you'd like feedback
Spoilers: Especially for small or new fandoms.
Word Count: For fic =)

Notes: Anything else you wanted to add!

*LJ-CUT FOR THE GIFT* (Please go HERE to learn about lj-cuts if you do not know how to do one! All FFEX gifts should be behind an LJ-cut.

And here it is in easy copy/paste form! Just c/p this baby at the top of your post and you should be golden!

Again, we encourage you to use the entire suggested header; it makes everybody's lives just a little bit easier. Thank you in advance for following the header policy!

III. Posting and Hosting Art and Other Media

Since artwork has to be hosted somewhere, the guidelines for posting it are a little different. We really try to have permanent copies of all gifts available right here in the ff_exchange community— they're gifts, and your giftee should always be able to find them here. We had some problems with art from last round vanishing, so this round we'll be saving backup copies of all media files.

In case you don't have your own place to upload art, or if you just want to spare your bandwidth, the place we'll be using to host backups will also be available for you to use yourself!

If you'd like to use the space:

  1. Simply head over to the FFEX Gallery:, which has been set up for exclusive use by FFEX.

  2. The login / password to the Gallery: FFEX / ff3xchange. Once logged in, you can upload your image into the Gallery, and also edit the user information to provide details about your gift.

  3. Uploading should be fairly straightforward, but please feel free to mail Sev if something isn't working. Note that the FFEX Gallery account does not have Delete permission, so if you make a mistake, you will have to contact the mods.

    If you have a file that is not a picture, we'll have to FTP it there for you, so just send Sev a copy and she'll put it right up

  4. Please use the following format for naming your uploaded files: round002-YOUR LJ NAME-title of your piece.

  5. Once your picture has been uploaded, you can find the permalink in this folder: , under whatever name you used to upload it. You'll see several versions of your gift in there, including a thumbnail - make sure you've chosen the original, full-sized version. That's the URL you will use in your LJ entry (under the LJ-cut!) to link to your image. So if the picture you uploaded was called "round002-first_seventhe-Awesome FFEX Art.jpg", your final img url will be Use this in an <img src="" /> tag in your entry.

You can, of course, host and post the artwork anywhere else that you want, but we'd like to keep an FFEX permanent copy in that particular gallery.

If you do decide to host your art somewhere else, we'd still really prefer that your post have a copy of your image itself in it, not just a link.

Wherever you decide to host your media, we'll save a backup version of it to the FFEX gallery with all proper credit given, and provide you with a permalink to it, just so you know where it went. This way, your gift will always be available to your gifter somewhere. If you ever want your piece to be gone from the internet forever and always, just email us and we'll remove it from our archive, too.

Remember, all usual behaviour rules apply! In particular, please keep the following in mind:

You are expected to comment on your gift. No, really, you are. If nothing else, just say how much you appreciate your gifter's hard work! If you're disappointed in your gift after all, we're really sorry, and hope you at least had fun with the one you made! But please don't complain about your gift somewhere your gifter will see it— that's pretty bad manners, guys.

You are welcome to comment on other gifts as well. Don't feel like you can't comment on something because it wasn't made for you! Share fandom love!

If you have any questions about the rules, please contact the mods! Hopefully these things don't need to be said - but understand that we will crack down on any behaviour that we think is harmful to the FFEX atmosphere.

That should be all you guys need to know before you start posting your gifts! We're looking forward to this, and we hope you all are too.

Remember, the posting deadline for non-beta/backup gifts is August 16.


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