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Final Fantasy Exchange: Order Up!

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Final Fantasy Exchange Round 1: Signup Post [SIGNUPS CLOSE WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 28]
ffexchange_mod wrote in ff_exchange

Final Fantasy Exchange
Round 1 General Participation Signups

This is the signup for for the first round of Final Fantasy Exchange, a Final Fantasy fandom-wide multimedia exchange event where you can sign up to give and receive wonderful fanworks from any Final Fantasy fandom.

To learn more about the exchange, please read the [Crash Course/Rules] post. This exchange is multimedia, so everything from fics and art to ear wax figurines is accepted. Participants from any Final Fantasy fandom are welcome!

So, what do you need to do to participate? It's easy!

  1. Join the community so you can post your gift and add it to your watchlist to keep updated with deadlines and mod posts.

  2. Fill out the signup form below and post it as a comment on this entry. Comments are screened!

  3. Tell your friends and blackmail encourage them to take part! The more the merrier!

  4. Get matched by the moderators with your fandom soulmate gifter and giftee based on your requests. We'll email you the information about whose gift you'll be making.

  5. Once you recieve your email, make awesome Final Fantasy fanworks for your giftee.

  6. Join in a huge fandom love fest by posting your gift with everyone else's during the first week of April.

  7. Help cheer up those whose gifts were late and fill unclaimed requests to pass the time between rounds by making Moogle Fluff and Chocobo Down, even if you didn't sign up that time around. Spread the love!

The rules of the game are simple: you have two weeks to sign up, one month to produce, and one week to post.

Sound like fun? Excellent. Then listen up for specifics, the signup forms, guidelines, and how you can help by becoming an ff_exchange beta.

Before signing up for the exchange, here are the most essential rules and guidelines. The rest are in the [Crash Course/Rules] post, which you should go ahead and read.

To participate, you must be able to complete your gift by April 8, 2007.

If you are super generous and kind and are willing to make an extra gift on short notice for the person left without should someone default, please sign up to be a backup gifter! As a backup gifter, you may have as little as one week's notice to create another gift.

If you are super generous and kind but need a little more time, you can still help out by becoming a beta gifter. A beta gifter makes an extra gift for those people who helped out by becoming beta readers and artists. As a beta gifter, you may have as little as three weeks to create another gift.

You may also sign up to be just a beta/backup gifter, called upon if/when needed but otherwise under no obligation to give a gift, though neither will you receive one. To do so, indicate this on your signup form and don't fill out the bottom part.

Please do not sign up to be either a beta or backup gifter if you do not think you can create an extra gift that quickly.

If you would like to sign up to be a beta writer or artist for this exchange and get a gift in return, please head over to the [Round 1 beta signup form].

You are required to leave a comment on the gift you receive, even if it's just a plain "thank you."

Speaking of making an effort on gifts: do your best on the the gift you make. Your basic guide to quality gifting:

Stories: Fics don't have to be a million pages long, but they've gotta be at least 1,000 words. It's okay if you're a hundred words shy or whatever, just make sure you've put effort into some substance!

Art: Tremendous full-colour masterpieces are not a requirement, but simple sketches, stick figures, etc. don't cut it. If you like to sketch, take a look at your finished product and try to clean it up a little, add some shading, and/or ink/colour it.

General: Using a beta is highly recommended. It's not required, but we strongly encourage you to make use of your regular beta or our very own picked betas (a list of which will be posted about two weeks into the exchange), whichever you're more comfortable with. Just please try to make sure no one ruins the surprise!

In general, try to be objective. Take a good look at your gift and ask yourself how thrilled you'd be to receive it. If you're happy with it as is, at least ask for a second opinion. If you feel it's not quite your best, then it's better to be a couple days late for the deadline than to post something you're not proud of!

Sign Up

And with that, we set you free! Here is the signup form, just fill it out and post it as a comment on this entry.
Example Form with Instructions

Name: Your name
Contact info: Email, LJ. We need to be able to reach you here and get a prompt response.
Media: List media you work in. Fanart / Fanfic / Icons / Banners / Manips / 3D Models / Sculpture / Naughty Photos / Ear Wax Figurines
Fandoms: List all fandoms you are willing to create for. Eliminate any you don't want, add anything we omitted, SPECIFY A PREFERENCE IF YOU HAVE ONE in canons with compilations/sequels: FFI, FFII, FFIII, FFIV, FFV, FFVI, FFVII (OGC, AC, DoC, etc.), FFVIII, FFIX, FFX/X-2, FFXI, FFXII, FFT/TA, Other (specify)
Do Not Want to Make: Please list specific things we should not include in your matchup.
» Squicks, Ratings, Warnings: (examples: blood, kink, sex, violence, etc; anything above PG-13; etc.)
» Pairings or Characters:
» Personal Preferences: (do not write fluff, do not write slash, etc)
Willing to be a beta gifter?: Are you willing to make an extra gift for our betas? You may have as little as three weeks' notice to complete your gift.
Willing to be a backup gifter?: If someone backs out or can't finish, are you willing to make another one for the person left without a gift? You may have as little as one week's notice!

FANDOM/REQUEST 1: There are three requests in case someone's not comfortable with one but is willing to do the other. For compilations, fandoms with sequels, etc. be sure to speak up if you've got a preference (ex. FFVII:OGC vs. FFVII:AC). They'll go something like: FFX (no X-2), Auron, Jecht, Braska, and Chocobo racing!
FANDOM/REQUEST 2: FFVIII, Rinoa/Quall fluff, max rating PG13
Gift Media Preference: You're not guaranteed to get your preference, but we'll try our best with the matchups.
Do Not Want to Receive: Include the maximum rating for the gift you would like to receive. If you are desperate for NC-17, please indicate so. LIST YOUR SQUICKS AND ANYTHING ELSE YOU DONT WANT TO RECEIVE here, too.
Anything else: In case we forgot to cover something here.

Copy/Paste this form


Comments are screened for privacy, spoilers, and making sure it's all a surprise. So far 52 people have signed up!

Most important of all: HAVE FUN!

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No more sign ups after this comment! :D

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