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Round 1: Chocobo Down

Posting for Chocobo Down is now open!

Thanks again to everyone in this community who shared their awesome work. Now it's time for Chocobo Down, which we're sure a lot of people have been waiting for!

Chocobo Down are all the requests people made that didn't get filled. Here's how Chocobo Down works:

1) Chocobo Down are stories written in FFEX quality like regular exchange gifts (see the quality guidelines) and posted directly to the community. Cross posting is fine, but please do post the story to the community so the person who made the request is more likely to see it!

Quick recap from the quality guidelines:

Stories: Fics don't have to be a million pages long, but they've gotta be at least 1,000 words. It's okay if you're a hundred words shy or whatever, just make sure you've put effort into some substance!

Art: Tremendous full-colour masterpieces are not a requirement, but simple sketches, stick figures, etc. don't cut it. If you like to sketch, take a look at your finished product and try to clean it up a little, add some shading, and/or ink/colour it.

1a) Since Chocobo Down is posted to this community, it needs to follow our header policy.

2) All prompts are open to anyone, whether a participant in Round 1 or not. Stories have to be written for these prompts; please don't post a previously written story to the community!

3) There is no claiming involved. All we ask is that when participants post their Chocobo Down they include the prompt they wrote for. Prompts can be claimed multiple times by different people and can be mixed with other prompts—it's totally open!

4) Most important: have lots of fun!

Posting for Chocobo Down will remain open until the sign-ups for the next round of Final Fantasy Exchange open (currently undecided, but likely not to happen for at least two months — we'll announce it when we know!). During Chocobo Down time, posting to the community will be moderated so only stories, art, and other fanwork made for the prompts are posted here.

  • Final Fantasy III
    • Arc, Ingus, angst.

  • Final Fantasy IV
    • Cecil/Rosa, after the Tower of Zot (bonus points for airships)
    • Tellah! Possibly with Rydia, Rosa, or Cecil. Be creative. Gen-fic, but side relationships ok as long as not overpowering.
    • Kain/Cecil or Kain/Rosa/Cecil. "I expected this."
    • Rydia, post-game. Discussions of magic/summoning, possibly with Rosa. References to Rydia "fitting in" a plus. Other characters welcome!
    • Kain/Rydia, first kiss

  • Final Fantasy V
    • Ferris

  • Final Fantasy VI
    • Celes/Locke
    • Kefka
    • Terra/Edgar
    • Celes
    • (AU REQUEST, CONTAINS SPOILERS): I'd like to see a fic in which Leo does accept the Magi-Tek infusion, and the effect that would have on the Empire generally, Leo personally. Shades or stronger of Leo/Celes welcomed with open arms.
    • Locke/Celes. I'd like to see something about their first time, preferably in an R-rated (or higher) fashion. Extra squees and bonus points if it involves magic in some way.
    • Sabin/Gau

  • Final Fantasy VII
    • Sephiroth, something violent
      • (open to other Compilation canons)
    • Sephiroth, something that never happened
    • Yuffie, Vincent and Red XIII. A-huntin' they will go
    • The Turks. (Any other Characters included is fine.)
      • (open to other Compilation canons)
    • Zack and Aerith, anytime
    • Cloud, Sephiroth, and the nature of steel.
    • Zack and Aeris, different kinds of rain.
    • Reeve/Elmyra, plus Marlene. Stockholm Syndrome, and other complications. Angsty, twisted relationship dynamics are a plus.
    • A Cloud/Vincent story. Any rating's fine here. Not super angsty, no obvious seme/uke-ism, and no mpreg, rape, torture, super kink, or super sugary fluff because that'd just be OOC. Basically, I'm getting tired of the whole emo-era, and want to read something relatively light, and I'll be really happy to find someone that can pull off light with this pairing without going sappy. And this can be AU, if you like.
    • Rufus/Reeve, car chase
    • Cloud/Vincent (all ratings)
    • Tseng and Sephiroth yaoi
    • Tseng, Reno, and Cloud yaoi
    • Sephiroth/Cloud, anything except rape/super!evil!Sephiroth.
      • (open to other Compilation canons)
    • Cloud, Zax, Sephiroth, gen.
      • (open to other Compilation canons)
    • Reno/Elena, and, really, any other Turk who might want to show up.
    • Red XIII, stars, Cosmo Canyon, post game.
    • Cloud and Zack having a drink (or a dozen).

  • Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children
    • Cloud and Tifa fluff and one-sided romance
    • What Aerith misses the most about being alive.
    • BC or after AC Rufus/Tseng
      • (open to Before Crisis canon)
    • Yazoo, Loz and Kadaj visit the Gold Saucer. No preference on serious vs. funny.
    • (preferably post-AC): Cloud/Tifa fluffy or sexy anything, as long as the love is there. ...PG-13 or higher rating would be nice? :)
    • Cloud/Tifa, Denzel, Marlene, family day out.
    • Cloud/Reno anything
    • Yazoo/Reno anything
    • Cloud/Aerith, bring Aerith back from the dead somehow. Possibly only for a brief period, such as a single evening.

  • Final Fantasy VII - Before Crisis
    • BC or after AC Rufus/Tseng
      • (open to Advent Children canon)

  • Final Fantasy VIII
    • Squall and Seifer, third fight in the Garden
    • Any character + the concept of responsibility
    • yaoi of some sort, wrist- or leg-restraints
    • Seifer x Squall
    • Rinoa, Edea, or Quistis
    • Irvine and Selphie. Gen or pairing fic fine; preferably post game, showing how their relationship becomes closer (intimate or friendship wise) after the events of the game and how Irvine remembering more from the past has an effect on it. Irvine who's not a total whore preferred. Extra prompts: festivals, dinner dates, speeding tickets.
    • Seifer/Squall, Laguna/Squall, Seifer/Irvine/Squall, Irvine/Squall, all with either smut, fluff, angst, Max rating: NC-17
    • Rinoa, Ellone, Edea, Ultimecia: any combination, discussing time/magic. Anything, including wild theories, welcome.
    • "The Posse" (Seifer, Raijin, Fujin) reuniting (post game, in either Raijin or Fujin’s POV)
    • Seifer/Squall, godawful break-up
    • Seifer and Edea (romance or gen is ok), up to R
    • ... Squall/Rinoa romance >.>
    • Zell/Selphie/Irvine, G to PG-13
    • Seifer/Zell
    • Irvine and Selphie at the orphanage.
    • Squall and Laguna. Gen or Slash, any rating.

  • Final Fantasy IX
    • post game Amarant/Freya
    • a gen story. No pairing, preferably focused on Garnet. I just haven't read a good FFIX gen story in forever, so, that's all I want. Oh, please make it not really angsty. It's FFIX, it's happy and cute! Nothing above R, and please keep it in game.
    • Garnet, Eiko, White magic
    • Beatrix x Kuja and Kuja x Garnet (one-sided), up to PG-13
    • FFIX, Beatrix
    • Something weaving together Garnet/Zidane and Beatrix/Steiner. Girl-talk between Garnet and Beatrix and Steiner eying Zidane with "don't-keep-her-out-past-10pm" distrust for the entire game and Zidane teasing him sound like they might be good ideas >.>

  • Final Fantasy X
    • Braska deciding to become a summoner
    • Rikku
    • Rikku and Al Bhed (before FFX starts)
    • Yuna/Rikku, post-game, not perfect ending from X-2 if you want to involve it. PG-13. Colorful setting.
    • Auron/Jecht and something to do with swimming
    • Auron, Jecht, Braska (no slash)
    • (not X-2): Wakka, Lulu, and Luzzu. Genfic. The three of them in a changed world, after Sin's defeat. I'd prefer no overt Wakka/Lulu romance, please.
    • anything featuring Summoner Isaaru
    • (not X-2), Yuna, aeons.
    • Auron/Lulu
    • Jecht/Auron, fighting?
    • Pre-game Auronism!
    • In game Auron x Lulu
    • Jecht, Auron, Braska, and Why Jecht is No Longer Allowed to Rent Chocobos from the Nice Chocobo Lady in the Calm Lands. Slashiness between any/all of the three is great, genfic is great, whatever!
    • Shiva x Yojimbo, PG-13
    • (not X-2), Jecht and/or Tidus, blitzball, any rating.

  • Final Fantasy X-2
    • Paine/Nooj. Any rating. Shippy or just subtext.
    • Paine tries to persuade Yuna on the futility of hanging on to a dream- by any means necessary. Could be anything from G/PG humor fluff, to dark R.

    • Paine/Rikku, any rating
    • Beclem and Chappu, gen or pairing fic, when they meet in the Crusaders after Chappu enlists. How Chappu deals with his family either going on pilgrimages or planning to go on them, and how their decisions led to him joining the Crusaders and how meeting Beclem changes him. Some extra prompts: field drills, military issue sheets, riding chocobos.

  • Final Fantasy XII
    • Judge Magisters Drace and Ghis talk shop.
    • Balthier and Gardenias
    • Fran/Balthier, the first time they got a little too close to be professional
    • Vossler helping Ashe escape from Rabanastre after her father's death
    • Vaan, Penelo, and Larsa interaction, Basch also would be awesome
    • Penelo and Larsa, friendship or otherwise
    • any rating but preferably gen, points if you mention a certain moogle epic
    • Basch x Balthier x Gabranth
    • Whatever it is, it has to involve Ba'Gamnan and Co.'s safehouse, which has wall they use for target practice obsessively covered with WANTED posters for and newspaper clippings about Balthier.
    • Vaan, Penelo and Larsa being dorks. Could be Penelo/Larsa if you want! Or Vaan/Penelo or heck, future!OT3.
    • Ashe, Balthier, cast too if wanted, discussions during a hunt
    • Fran/Balthier
    • Ashe/Balthier. I'd love to see something about their respective backgrounds, particularly Balthier's, and the way that colors the way they react to one another. Ideally with neither of them 'dominant' in the relationship. Alternate additional prompts: keeping up appearances, 'piracy's just another kind of privilege.'
    • Fran/Balthier (or non-romantic Fran and Balthier, if you prefer). Family's what you make of it. Two people in exile, hanging on to one another. Alternate additional prompts: the masks we wear by choice or chance, longing for things lost.
    • (THIS REQUEST CONTAINS SPOILERS) I'd love to see something about Noah's transformation into Gabranth, especially adjusting to life in Archades and struggling with the loss of Landis.
    • (THIS REQUEST CONTAINS ENDING SPOILERS) Balthier/Ashe. Balthier drops by Dalmasca a year or so after the end of the game and steals Ashe away briefly, for old times' sake. Verbal sparring and other awesome conversational conventions a big plus. Sexy things also a plus. ^_^;

  • Final Fantasy Tactics
    • The ghosts of those fallen at Murond and after (Olan especially), haunting the dreams and the waking world of King Delita Hyral. He sees them around corners, hears their voices in crowds, reads things they have told him on street-signs and contracts. Delita/Ramza acceptable but not required. I would also love if FFXII is referenced as past canon.

  • Crossovers
    • FFVI/VII/IX: Kefka, Sephiroth, and Kuja. “The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.”

Thanks to all our participants, and happy writing!
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