September 3rd, 2009


- Phoenix Down: "Brotherhood" (FF12, PG-13) for Tiny Baby Phoenix 3

Title: Brotherhood
For: Tiny Baby Phoenix 3
Medium: Word
Request(s): FFXII OGC: Noah - pre-game. "I don't want to be a soldier", plans that tumble down, how he gets from conquered dog to Solidor hound.
Fandom(s): Final Fantasy XII
Characters/Pairings: Noah (Gabranth)
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Feedback: Yes
Spoilers: Noah and Basch’s relationship
Word Count: 1132
Summary: He never regained that other half of himself

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[Final Fantasy Exchange] Round Up!

Final Fantasy Exchange
Round 2: Round Up

Welcome to the full list of all fanwork for this round!

You guys have been AMAZING! So many fabulous gifts were made this round — and here they all are! This is a full list of everything you guys have laboured to create, broken down by fandom, for your perusing pleasure!

If you somehow missed seeing your gift, it should be super easy to find here: we list both gifter and recipient with each gift.

And, remember: please thank your gifter! =D

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[Final Fantasy Exchange] Chocobo Down for Round 2 is OPEN!

Final Fantasy Exchange
Round 2: Chocobo Down!

Posting for Chocobo Down is now open!

Thanks again to everyone in this community who shared their awesome work. Now it's time for Chocobo Down, which we're sure a lot of people have been waiting for!

Since everyone makes three requests but most people only make one gift, that mans we generally have tons of unfilled requests at the end of the round. And now that the round is finally over, we're publishing these requests (stripped of all other information) and open them up to anyone who wants to take a stab.

Remember, Chocobo Down is open to anyone, whether they've ever signed up or even heard of FFEX or not! So if all you want is a bit of inspiration, stop on by! Chocobo Down is also the way to work off any penalties you earned, so and take a look at our list of requests that didn't get filled

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Posting for Chocobo Down will remain open until the sign-ups for the next round of Final Fantasy Exchange open. During Chocobo Down time, posting to the community will be moderated so only stories, art, and other fanwork made for the prompts are posted here.

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