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Final Fantasy Exchange: Order Up!

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2014 Chocobo Races - Summary, Winners, and Coming Events
ffexchange_mod wrote in ff_exchange
As the last few chocobos cross the finish line, we bring the 2014 races to a close! The Kiss Battle made for yet another exciting final lap, and we once again congratulate everyone involved. Everyone who left prompts, created new works, and left feedback for others deserves a round of applause. Thanks for making it another great year for the Chocobo Races!

If you’ve been waiting till the end to watch the action with no commercial breaks, now’s a great time to take a look through the 36 works in the 2014 Chocobo Down AO3 collection, or peruse the 204 comments on the 2015 Kiss Battle (25 of which are fills). Lots of awesome Final Fantasy love to be found!

Now without further ado, onto the results...!

2014 Chocobo Races Winner: Team Cactuar

The Cactuars proved to be as swift as their namesake, bursting out of the starting gate back in September and holding the lead all throughout the year! They contributed 55 points’ worth of kisses during February, putting their final total at an impressive 415 points. Excellent work, Cactuars!

The Tonberries put up a massively good fight during the Kiss Battle as well, securing 40 kissy points for themselves. They finished the races with 95 points total, and the overall race was so much the better for it!

And of course, we can’t forget the independent players who dropped in for the Kiss Battle again this year -- whether you played on a team or by your own rules, we thank you all for your participation!

So again, congratulations to Team Cactuar! Enjoy that victory fanfare!

Upcoming Events
The official 2015 round of DOINK! Final Fantasy Exchange will begin in a few months -- stay tuned for more information, and as always, help us spread the word!