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Chocobo Races - Small Fandom Appreciation Month Prompt-a-thon!
ffexchange_mod wrote in ff_exchange
November is the month for bitty fandom love, which seems a great occasion for... a prompt-a-thon!

We understand that some fandoms are so in need of love that they have few or even no prompts yet, and that just won’t do. So for November, in addition to being able to pick prompts from the Chocobo Down Master List and the October Prompt-a-thon ( LJ | DW ), you can also leave and fill delectable new prompts from awesome small fandoms here!

Only the fandoms listed under "Teeny Bitty Fandoms" in the November theme post can be prompted for this time (though as always, feel free to fill prompts from other fandoms!). Those fandoms are:
  • Final Fantasy I
  • Final Fantasy II
  • Final Fantasy III
  • Final Fantasy V and Legend of the Crystals
  • Final Fantasy XI
  • Vagrant Story
  • Final Fantasy Tactics - any entry
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
  • Final Fantasy Unlimited
  • Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
  • Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - any entry

November Prompt-a-thon: How to Play

  1. Teams from previous rounds of the Chocobo Races still apply! If you're not on a team, you must choose one in order to take part in the festivities, but don't worry, it's easy! You can sign up at the Choose a Team post ( LJ | DW ). In order for your contributions to count for your team, your sign up comment needs to be dated before any prompts or fills you might make — that's it! You can sign up any time throughout the month up until the 25th.

  2. Prompts earn points! Each prompt that's at least one sentence and descriptive (think scenarios, or see our DOINK! guidelines on prompts) earns your team one point. You can get up to five points for leaving up to five prompts.

    These do have to be substantive prompts using your own words: one word prompts, single phrases/quotes, lyrics, etc. do not count. We encourage descriptive, open prompts that can be filled with fic or art, because you never know who’s going to like your ideas!

  3. You cannot fill your own prompts.

  4. However, you can fill prompts left by either team. Start your strategic alliances!

  5. Fills earn lots of points! Since this prompt-a-thon is limited to Teeny Bitty Fandoms, per this month's rules, every fill for a prompt from the prompt-a-thon is automatically worth fifteen points!

    You may post your fills as replies to the comment with the prompt, or you can post the fills on AO3 (in our Chocobo Down 2011 collection), or both — it’s up to you.

  6. Please do use the subject line when prompting to make it easier for mods to count up points (and for those looking for a specific team/fandom). Here are some examples:
    Subject: FFIII / Arc/Alus / Team Tonberry!
    Aged-up: many years have passed, and now they're sharing a room and talking the night away again.

    Subject: FFV / Faris / Team Cactuar!
    Faris teaching the rest of the party how to be more manly.

    Subject: FFCC: Crystal Bearers / Belle/Layle / Team Tonberry!
    (preferably post-game). Dancing around issues, trying their hardest to act like they don't really care. Further suggestions: 'let's go far away from here' and 'not giving up on you.'
    All prompt examples adapted from prompts from previous rounds!

  7. Please also use the subject line when posting your fills! Leaving the fandom/characters/rating and your team name will help the mods keep track of your points.

Please remember to also check the Dreamwidth mirror post! You may find other prompts there, and prompts and fills in either place will count for points!

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FFVI, Edgar/Sabin, Team Cactuar

Re-uniting with the person who makes one feel whole after the end of the world, and what that might entail for two brothers who've been separated again, this time without a choice. In the World of Ruin, after Edgar is done with his "I'm Gerad!" act, what is his reunion with Sabin like? What is the value of a shared history in this new, destroyed world? I'd like to see this done in any way, really-- I'm most interested in their reactions to one another being alive, conflicted emotions coming to the surface, etc. Bonus points for desperation, guilt, and crying for whatever reason (crying during sexual acts is a plus).

Um WOW I'm totally going to hell

Re: FFVI, Edgar/Sabin, Team Cactuar

.......I think we should be friends XD

Re: FFVI, Edgar/Sabin, Team Cactuar

I am in favor of this 8D

Re: FFVI, Edgar/Sabin, Team Cactuar

P.S. And yes, I am asking for twincest here. Just wanted to make sure that was clear 8D

FFII / Maria & Minwu / Team Tonberry!

I just want some character interaction! How did they learn their respective trades? How does each feel about Firion? About Leon? About each other? Ship it up if you want, keep it gen if you want, just give me these two!

FFTA / Ritz & Shara / Team Tonberry!

Ritz learns a viera job class/skill (her first?). Is it easy for her? difficult? frustrating? How can a hume learn these viera skills? What makes her special? Is she special? What does Shara think of this process/how does she help? If you can meta it up for me that would be amazing (FFTA needs moar meta!); if you want to slash or porn it up, go ahead! If you want to draw on viera lore from other Ivalice canons, be my guest!

FF:TSW / Aki & Gray / Team Tonberry!

How did they meet? There are hints about their past in the movie -- I want more! How did their relationship start? Focus on Aki as a young scientist, or Gray as a young soldier -- or what were they before that? Unhelpful commentary from any of the other Deep Eyes welcome, and/or Sid's opinions on the developments.

FFIII / Luneth/Aria / Team Cactuar

They're young, but they both know there's a spark between them. How deep do their feelings for each other go? Did they ever confess? What were his thoughts on their unexpected separation? Basically, I'd love to see anything going into their relationship, even if it's an AU, aged-up (With her surviving?), post-game memories, whatever. I'd just like to see their thoughts on each other.

FFII / Firion/Maria / Team Cactuar

What does one do when one loses what matters most? Their friends were killed, their hometown burned, their innocence lost. What can they do, when all that they'd known was taken so suddenly? How does one cope? Do they lean on each other? Support one another? Hide their loss? Does tragedy bring forth a new feeling of romance? Friendship or romance between them, whatever you can come up with. Anything is love. If you want to throw in a mention of Guy, that's cool, too. Let's not forget about him :)

FF Tactics / Ramza/Tietra / Team Cactuar

Sneaking around made it all the better. What would society think if a noble Beoulve was caught with a commoner girl? What would Delita think if he knew his best friend was fancying his sister? What sort of thoughts run through his mind when she inevitably dies? Additional prompts: Moonlight meeting, strolling through the autumn leaves, silent flirting in the library.

I'm not sure if I spelled her name right. She's always been 'Teta' to me :P

Final Fantasy I, Matoya, Team Cactuar

Explore Matoya as a young and enthusiastic young witch. In particular, I am interested in how she lost her sight... could she have been born blind? Or her vision faded with time? Or perhaps did she lose it to a spell, or trade it for power? I am curious about the witch!

Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals, Valkus, Team Cactuar

Somewhere along the line, Valkus decided to leave the service of Tycoon and join the Sky Pirates. That's got to be something of a shock... let's see him adapting to his new life in an all-female band of treasure seekers.

Final Fantasy Tactics, Agrias, Team Cactuar

After the war is over, the Church offers Agrias a peace offering. They are willing to restore to her her honor in exchange for her life. Maybe she goes, maybe she doesn't; maybe her friends have opinions on this, maybe they are none the wiser. Explore!

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Ryan, Team Cactuar

Somewhere, somehow, on some mission or another, or just at the local bar, Ryan saves the day.

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