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[Final Fantasy Exchange] Round 2 Thanks, Stats, and a Look Behind the Scenes!
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Final Fantasy Exchange
Round 2: Thanks, Stats, and Tales from the Crypt Dark Side!

The mods have been hard at work doing the last bits of cleanup for Round 2! All our Chocobo Down penalty emails have now been sent, so if you think you might have earned one, check your inboxes — we promise we tried to be nice, and you have plenty of time to work it off! We've also left comments on some posts asking for header clarification, so keep an eye out for those too!

We're also working on our exit poll; keep an eye on this space!

But what we bring you right now is everything but the exit poll: a buttload of thank-yous, a bunch of fun facts and stats about how many words and arts you guys made this round (Hint: it's a LOT!), and also just a summary of how the round went, wherein we mods show you how flaily and panicky we are behind the scenes. So strap yourselves in!


We've had a lot of absolutely amazing work this round, both in terms of the gifts posted and in terms of how hard everyone worked to make sure the round was a success!

We want to thank all our participants in general, and our sponsored betas, too — we're so grateful that you decided to participate, and we want to thank you for helping to make this round awesome!

There are some folks who went beyond the call of duty, though, by vonuteering to make extra gifts, so we would like to take the time to thank our wonderful beta/backup gifters as well as everyone who made Moogle Fluff or Phoenix Down!

THANK YOU to all our beta and backup gifters who made an entire extra gift out of the goodness of their hearts! In no particular order, here you all are:



And to everyone who signed up to backup/beta gift, even if you didn't end up being tapped: we thank you for volunteering your time and being willing to help! =D

THANK YOU to everyone who made Moogle Fluff to help tide over the giftless while the above-thanked backup gifters worked. You were all amazing, generous, and instrumental to making the round of success! Here are all you wonderful people:



THANK YOU to all our Phoenix gifters, last but CERTAINLY not least, who came through for us and made sure that everyone who was owed a gift got something. Roll call of AWESOME:



You guys have ALL been AMAZING!

While all these thanks are floating around, don't forget to please thank your gifter! We still have a few folks who haven't gotten around to it yet. If you missed your gift when it was posted, you can find it easily in the [Round 2 Master List]. Even if you ended up having to default, you still got a gift, so don't feel left out! Go check for your gift =D

With that most important business out of the way, here we have a treat for you guys: all the stats on this round, and for those who like watching train wrecks, a sneak peak behind the scenes of this round!

Round 2: Behind the Scenes

So guys, you ever wonder what it's like to mod these things? Ever suspect that it's secretly all panic and slumber parties? Or think it's a ton of fun? Well, you'd be right on each count! Here's a look at all the work we do behind the scenes, and a summary of this round from our point of view!

So you guys remember signing up waaaay back in flippin' June?

Well, we took all your information and put it in some bloody huge google doc spreadsheets. Once signups closed, we got together in group chat for a cumulative 20 hours or so of trying to find the AWESOMEST matches we could for every single participant. We aimed for 3/3 matches between gifter's fandoms/likes/dislikes and their recipient's requests.

We had 54 regular matches to make, spread across 31 gifting fandoms and 23 requesting fandoms. Our final score:

  • 1 person got a 1/3 match, as they were only in one fandom, and we felt TERRIBLE!

  • 25 people got a 2/3 match (46% of participants)

  • 28 people got a 3/3 match (52% of participants)

We worked really hard on those matches! We highlighted up our spreadsheets to correspond to the match type, and here is a peek at those spreadsheets (small-size to protect everyone's personal details). The big empty-looking vertical blocks in the middle of the gifting sheet and at the right of the requests sheet is where we track fandoms, you just can't see all the tiny x's very well =) Click on these to see a slightly bigger size!

Our Beautiful Table of Gifters!

Our Lovely Table of Requests!

After matching and sending out the requests, we mods hunkered down to make the gifts we owed as regular participants, occassionally coming up for air to post modly reminders.

Our Terrifying
Master Matches Sheet!

Once posting opened, we started updating our master matches sheet with information on who had posted, who was late, who was defaulting, who hadn't been thanked yet, and every helpful detail we could think of. And that huge thing you see to the left? Yep, that's the one!

That is our master spreadsheet! Give it a click to see it in all its less-shrunken glory! We had to shrink it way, way, way down to give you a preview here. It includes regular exchange gifts, beta gift, and backup gifts. Woo!

Every highlight colour here means something, too. (Psst — yellow is folks who haven't been thanked yet! Hop to it guys!)

Now, from all that hard work tracking everything, we have a pretty good numerical idea of how the round shaped up. As we've said before, there were a lot of late gifts and defaults — a lot of people had some pretty awful situations, and our best wishes continue to go out to them! — but you guys as a community rallied to make this round awesome! Here's a breakdown of the behind-the-scenes panic:

The Bad News
  • out of 54 regular gifts, 10 were defaulted on (and one defaulted on twice, for both regular and beta gifts), and 7 were posted late, for a total of 33% late or default gifts

  • out of 11 beta gifts, 5 defaulted and 2 were late, for a total of 64%.

  • out of 29 beta/backup gifters, 12 were themselves late or defaulting, and so could not be used.

  • 67% of regular gifts were posted on time because you guys are awesome!

  • By the end-of-round deadline, 53 out of 54 regular gifts were in, and 6 of 11 beta gifts, with only 6 gifts not yet in

  • By the end of Phoenix gifting, all 54 regular gifts were in, and each beta got something, because you guys are just that amazing =D


But that's not all the awesome news! You guys wanna know just how much awesome stuff you made? Read on for this round's stats!

Round 2: By the Numbers!

So how amazing was this round? How much awesome fanwork was produced? HERE ARE THE NUMBERS!

As far as official gifts go, this round of FFEX everyone wrote over 227,850 words and made 11 arts, 1 comic, and 1 piece of music!


And if a picture is worth 1,000 words (and why not, our guidelines say fic is at least 1,000 words!), then there was a total of 243,850 official "words" this round.

But let's not forget our wonderful Moogle and Phoenix gifters!

This round there were 6,988 MF words, 3 MF arts, and 1 MF comic!

As well as 8,228 words of Phoenix Down and 1 Phoenix art!

The total for the entire round, including MF and PD, is 243,070 words, 14 arts, 2 comics, and 1 music!


And just for kicks, if each of those arts, every comic page, and every music piece is worth 1,000 words, the grand total for the round is 269,070 "words" =D

Here's a fandom-by-fandom breakdown! (Umbrella fandoms only =)

  • FFI: 9,391 words

  • FFIII: 1,303 words

  • FFIV: 24,785 words and 2 arts

  • FFV: 1,265 words

  • FFVI: 51,290 words and 4 arts (including one illustrated fic!)

  • FFVII: 9,585

  • FFVIII: 21,120 words, 1 art, and 2 comics

  • FFIX: 2 arts

  • FFX/X-2: 49,141 words and 3 arts

  • FFXII: 71,810 words and 3 arts

  • FFT: 2,266 words

  • FFTA: 1,114 words

  • Crossovers and Fusions: 1 art (IV/VI/VII) and 1 music (VI/IX)

And that, all you wonderful ladies and gentlemen, wraps up the reckoning for this round. Stay tuned for the exit poll! =D

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Can I admit those spreadsheets might have made me jizz in my pants a little?

Cause they did. This is how I know I've been in engineering too long. XD

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