Final Fantasy Exchange: Order Up!

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Hi guys!

The FF4: the After link for Palom/Porom art is, uh, not a link?

♥ I love you all three forever and THANK YOU so much for doing this!

Fixed, thank you so much for spotting it and letting us know -- and thanks as well for letting us know you enjoyed the exchange! =D

Thank you so very much for running this amazing fest, dear mods!! :D I had a blast, and so many wonderful works got posted, too!

Thank you, as well, to the amazing gabranth for my own amazing gift!

Thank you so much! We're glad you had fun; it's the point of the exercise =D

Just want to say: BIG UPS to the mods for all their work. This was my first FFEX, and I was super-impressed by how organized it was! A+++ WILL PARTICIPATE AGAIN

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