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[art] FFVI for Tiny Baby Phoenix #5
Default: Amano Locke
safety_caesars wrote in ff_exchange
Title: Gotta make a good impression! (I fail at titles; let's ignore this part XD)
Medium: fanart
Request(s): FFVI, Gau and Sabin brotherly love, Terra should be there too!
Fandom(s): FFVI
Characters/Pairings: Gau, Sabin, & Terra! ;D
Rating/Warnings: G
Spoilers: for a mini optional scene in the game

"Wear this nice coat, tame your hair a little bit..."

Fun Fact: I've played this game through approx. 1 hojillion times, and I only just found this scene for the first time when I played the GBA version 2 years ago O:

Anyway, I hope this is what you had in mind, Tiny Baby Phoenix #5!! :3

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This is freaking adorable. Love.

Poor Gau's expression -- !

I kinda feel like that whenever I have to get dressed up for anything too... XD

Glad you like! <3

Terra's just so damn cute there. And Gau's expression is just ♥♥♥. That's adorable!!

Tiny Baby Phoenix #5 is vereh happeh with this :3 Thank you! It's so cute!

Sabin's expression shows that he kinda gets that Gau doesn't wanna do this, and he's kinda picking on him in a brotherly-type-way, and then there's Terra... who is completely oblivious to Gau's ire, and just wants to help. XD And poor Gau is just utterly at their mercy.


Awh, I'm glad you like it! <3<3 I've always thought the brotherly relationship between Sabin & Gau was really cute, so I was very excited to see this prompt ;)


I am just sayin.

Also, you somehow REALLY manged to make Sabin actually LOOK like Edgar's twin? I think it's the nose and jaw, but whatever you did it's freakin' fabulous ♥

Only crit is, it looks like Sabin's hand is a bit too big? A hand is about the size of the face, chin/heel of palm to just above the brow/fingertips. I imagine Sabin's hands could be quite a bit bigger, extending most of the way along his forehead, but I think they might still be a bit long here?

Anyway, it's a GREAT JOB and PS: how did you manage to make Sabin's blingy tank top look manly? THAT IS QUITE A FEAT.

PPS: how did you make Gau hot, that's kind of wrong

WOWEE, thanks for the awesome comment!! <3

I'm glad to hear what you said about Sabin looking like Edgar's twin! This is something I've failed at basically every other time I've drawn Sabin, but I did feel like I finally got it here XD So thank you! :3

Aaaand I totally agree on the hand thing XD I'd deliberated on this part a bit while drawing it - I was thinking that yeah, it DID look too big, but then I thought, maybe it would make sense taking perspective/depth into consideration? But that sort of thing doesn't come across well with illustrations like this; better for photography with telephoto lenses and whatnot XD I also tend to draw the same hand-shape for everyone... I think Sabin should have wider hands as opposed to the long and slender ones I always draw! Alack. But thank you for pointing it out, because when other people notice the same mistakes I notice myself... then that's something to definitely work on! ;D

Gau is going to be the new Cloud, in terms of popularity and swoon-factor among the masses - I CAN ALREADY FEEL IT *swoon*

The look on poor Gau's face...! Oh man, there's no way this can end well XD Super-adorable, the expressions are brilliant!

ahhh what a great style and nice pic! :----D

ahahaha we totally should have done this for the Otakon photoshoot XDDDDDDDD

We should have!! XD Ahh, so many good ideas ^.^

I think this may possibly be the most ADORABLE THING EVER that you have drawn in recent memory.

Just sayin'.

Adding to the chorus of praise and OMG ADORABLE!

Blonde Terra is an interesting look.

Hehe, thank you! <3

For some reason I ALWAYS draw her blonde... like, every time I go to color a picture of Terra, I debate whether I should give her green or blonde hair, and I always end up going with blonde; it's weird XD I don't even really have a preference for it either way! :P The reason behind the decision this time was because I went with a different hairstyle for her that's in one or two of Amano's illustrations... (Man, now I really feel like I need to draw her again, with green hair, just because I never do! XD)

I'm actually really glad you drew her here with blonde hair (even though, like you apparently, I have no real preference one way or the other), just because everyone in the picture seems to be more Amano-style as opposed to sprite style. So having her with the sprite green hair would be a bit out of place, I would think.

I just realized that if you gave them sprite hair colors, all you'd have to do would be to switch Gau and Terra's coloring around. XD

Ahh, that's right! I always forget that Sprite-Gau has blonde hair! So weird how they switched that XD




Seriously, I love every single thing about this pic. The style, the humor, and omg, Gau's expression is so precious.


Glad you like it; thank you! :D

I realized I hadn't told you how adorable this is.

Recced this, because it is awesome =D

Aw, thanks so much! :D

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