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I loved this--it's really a great portrayal of something between Rikku and Auron, and the touch about Rikku customizing a weapon for him is really good! (Not many people remember that you can't customize until she shows up). This is a lovely piece of work; the transitions from memory to present are really well done.

Ooh! I liked this a lot, especially the little asides, like Auron not trusting either of them as they edged to his right. I think it was very well fleshed out, and as an Aurikku girl (hee!) I really liked it. It was a start and a real honest declaration ("I don't want you to be dead") and I think it was brilliant. :D


That was...darling. No, touching.

You've got Rikku with her spastic machina-energy and Auron with his taciturn grumpiness, and all the while you know he's too wise to underestimate Rikku. It makes perfect sense that this scene would play out --Auron must have known Tidus well enough to know that Tidus would have trouble keeping a secret.

It's never surprised me that Rikku would have a crush on Legendary Guardian Auron --that part I could always understand, but you end it so powerfully. There's maybe a glimmer of something beyond just respect there; it's maybe attraction that Auron might have acted on in another time and place, but it's just too late here. You make us feel for both of them and it's heartbreaking.

Thank you so much for writing this for me.

Hee, you know what I think of this, of course, but I just read this again and rolled around in the goodness of the feelings your stretched between Auron and Rikku and was so touched all over again. Again, what really, really drives this piece into my heart is your little asides. I love them so much. I'm glad you decided to tackle this idea, but you do it justice without crossing a line or making it unbelievable. So much love. ♥

This was so lovely. It's always hard to write Auron/Rikku, even if you're a fan, because to do it well is so difficult. You managed that and more, and made me fall back in love with this pairing (that I haven't visited for awhile) all over again.

Your dialog is so excellent, although I would have loved to see more between Tidus and Rikku, simply because. I'm hoping you'll write more of them.

Okay, so I'd memmed this and came back to reread it today. And I scrolled down through the comments and... and what the hell? I didn't comment? I didn't comment?!?!

I absolutely adore this. Rikku customizing a sword just for Auron is so sweet, and I love her reaction to Tidus telling her about Auron. Most of all, I adore the confrontation between Auron and Rikku. I just scrolled up so I could quote my favorite parts, but I ended up with a gigantic chunk of it copied.

"An Unsent."

Rikku nodded, not looking at him. "But you're not, right?"


Auron stepped back enough that he could free his left hand from his coat and tilt Rikku's face up with it. Her lower lip trembled a little, but there were no tears.

That whole giant section is just... guh. I feel like I just gorged on a big box of Belgian truffles. Utterly satisfied.


*points to icon* YOU.

You did! I solemnly swear that you did - over at inkandkarma. :) Thank you so much for all your comments on this - I spent a long time on it and am really glad people liked it so much. :D

I will try to write more Auron/Rikku, but I honestly doubt I could do it again! It requires a serious amount of delicacy that I'm not sure I can repeat.

"It requires a serious amount of delicacy..."

This is very true. It's draining, isn't it? Well, you did it beautifully.

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